Career Workshop: Advanced PhDs

Career Workshop – Advanced PhDs

“Career options in Health Sciences in- and outside academia”

Course Description
The end of your PhD is coming closer and you would like to clarify your career expectations like

  • Does it make sense for me to concentrate on an academic career?
  • Do I want to become a professor?
  • Are there alternatives to academia and what do they look like?

This workshop gives you the opportunity to reflect on different work areas, career types, and job profiles. You will compare the academic career with alternatives outside the university setting.

Learning Goals
The participants

  • Reflect on opportunities in- and outside academia
  • Become aware of their own skills
  • Compare different skill profiles in academia with the expectations for jobs outside academia
  • Analyze job ads from different working areas
  • Know how to “translate” their CV for job applications in different working areas in comparison to applications in academia

The participants are motivated to reflect on their own career options in exchange with the group.

Dagmar Engfer, MSc Geography, Coach and Consultant for Career Development, Certified Member of BSO (Berufsverband für Coaching, Supervision und Organisationsberatung), Lecturer and trainer at universities and in different organizations and companies.


  • University of Basel PhD students of the Faculty of Medicine and of Swiss TPH. Preference is given to those registered to PPHS
  • Students have not participated in another PPHS career workshop
  • Students plan to finish their PhD between July 2023 and June 2024. Students who will finish later will be accepted if there are still places free.

Maximum 12 participants

Workload and ECTS

Learning contract required to receive 1 ECTS.

The setup of the course requires 100% attendance. This includes the pre-meetings, course day and individual coaching session. PPHS will charge a fee of CHF 100 in case of cancellation later than 2 weeks before the course starts, or if you don’t attend the course.


Minimal Standards

Career planning is part of the competence Self-management (“Organisation & Management”).

Dates 2023

Preparation phase
14 June – 7 July (self-directed)

14 and 28 June (2:00 – 3:30 pm)

Course date

7 July

Individual coaching session
13 or 14 July (in agreement with lecturer)