PPHS Students

First NameLast NameTitle of PhD thesisSupervisor NameDisciplineInstitute
SaidAbukhattabTowards a One Health approach to quality and safety of Broiler Chicken meat in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, Palestine.Prof. Jakob ZinsstagPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
TemitopeAdebayo-OjoDeveloping an air quality health index for Cape Town, 2001 - 2016Prof. Nino KuenzliPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss Tropical and Public Health
Nicola JuliaAebiImplementation and impact of a Stepped and Collaborative Care Model at hospitals in Basel-Stadt: An evaluation project. (tentative)Prof. Kaspar WyssEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Faisal NoohAliEpidemiological and clinical investigations of chronic non-communicable diseases in Eritrean refugees living in Ethiopia and SwitzerlandDaniel ParisEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
Yu-YinAllemann-SuLongitudinal changes in cancer-related cognitive impairment and acupuncture efficacy in breast cancer patientsProf. Maria C. KatapodiClinical ResearchUniversity of Basel
PriskaAmmannPesticide use in Swiss Agriculture: Exposure levels, health effects and attitudesProf. Nicole Probst-HenschEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
Melissa Lee FenAmreinIncremental Value of biomarkers in stable CAD patientsChristian MüllerClinical ResearchUniversity Hospital Basel
PatriciaArnaiz JimenezSustainability of a school-based health promotion intervention in children at risk for non-communicable diseases in marginalised communities in Port Elizabeth, South AfricaProf. Uwe PühsePublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)DSBG
KimArnoldDiagnosis of Bacterial Pneumonia by Exhaled Breath AnalysisMr. Pablo SinuesClinical ResearchUKBB/University of Basel Department Biomedical Engineering
EleonoreArrerUnderstanding the experience and burden of chronic pain in remote populationsProf. Nicole Probst-HenschPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
CihanAtilaCirculating oxytocin changes in response to the oxytocin system stimulator MDMA in patients with diabetes insipidus and healthy controlsProf. Mirjam Christ-CrainClinical ResearchDepartment Endocrinology Universityhospital Basel
Ana BeatrizAyroza Galvão Ribeiro GomesHigh-resolution immune profiling and genetics of an ethnically diverse MOGAD and NMOSD patient cohort from BrazilProf. Anne-Katrin PröbstelClinical ResearchFaculty of Medicine and Department of Biomedicine
LoreBaertUsage of iPS technology to generate human macrophages as an infection model for Leishmania parasitesProf. Pascal MäserMicrobiologySwissTPH
VasilikiBaroutsouThe DIALOGUE study: Using digital health to improve care for families with predisposition to hereditary cancerProf. Maria KatapodiClinical ResearchClinical Research
AronBaumannHow are Swiss health policymakers using evidence to inform their decisions?Kaspar WyssEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)SwissTPH
JorgenBauwensImpact of non-adherence to vaccination schedulesJan BonhoefferPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)UKBB / Brighton Collaboration Foundation
JohannaBeckmannThe effect of a school-based health intervention on nutritional status cognitive function and soil-transmitted helminth infections and associated risk factors in three African countries.Markus GerberSport ScienceDepartment of Sport Exercise and Health (DSBG)
NadineBeerliAssessing frailty and mild cognitive impairment in adult kidney transplant recipients to predict biomedical and psychosocial health outcomesSabina M. De GeestNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science INS
Golou LouiseBellaiEntomological monitoring and malaria vectors suscepttibility to insecticides in different ecological zones in Côte d'IvoireProf. Jürg UtzingerEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
BenitoBenitezImplications from precision surgical anatomy for modern craniofacial pediatricsHans-Florian ZeilhoferClinical ResearchMund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie
StefanBiendlNovel treatment options for neglected tropical helminth infections: Assay development, drug discovery, drug target elucidation and preclinical studies.Prof. Jennifer KeiserMedicine DevelopmentSwissTPH
CatherineBlatterAssociation of Staffing Patterns and Resident Safety Outcomes in Nursing Homes: A Longitudinal Analysis using Routine Data (STARFISH)Dr. Franziska ZunigaNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science
SelimBouaouinaUnderstanding the within-host evolution of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosisProf. Sebastien GagneuxMicrobiologySwiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
SeçkinBozProspective Cohort Study on Skin Cancer and Residential Radon ExposureDr. Danielle VienneauEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
SandaBranca-DraganApplication of advanced epidemiological and statistical methods in the Swiss Transplant Cohort Study (STCS)Michael Koller MScClinical ResearchFaculty of Medicine University of Basel
AlexBrehmManagement of acute stroke patients, from patient selection to the interventionProf. Marios Nikos PsychogiosClinical ResearchUniversity Hospital Basel, Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
GavinBrupbacherAcute effects of exercise on sleep in psychosomatic patientsArno Schmidt-Trucks?ssSport ScienceDepartement für Sport Bewegung und Gesundheit
AlexandraBürglerBeyond seasonal suffering: Effects of Pollen on Cardiorespiratory Health and Allergic SymptomsDr. Marloes EeftensEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
BarbaraBürkinWorking title: Facilitating transformational change for health systems strengthening – Analysing practices and approaches of public health professionals to introducing change in professional practiceMs. Katarzyna CzabanowskaPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Department of International Health, Maastricht University
ArianaBytyci KatanolliThe longitudinal effects of health system strengthening interventions on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in Kosovo: a cohort approachNicole Probst-HenschPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
IlariaCallegariCSF IgM directed against cell surface antigensProf. Tobias DerfussClinical ResearchUniversitätspital Basel
OlgaCambacoAdolescent Health and Well-being in the Context of Natural Resource Extraction ProjectsMr. Mirko WinklerPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
SunshaChamakalayilNeurocognitive Processes in Opioid Use DisordersMr. Serge BrandClinical ResearchDepartment für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit
RobynCodyMarkus GerberSport ScienceUniversity of Basel, Faculty of Medicine
RafalCzmokUse of biomarkers to optimize the management of patients with acute heart failureChristian MüllerClinical ResearchCardiovascular Research Institute Basel (CRIB)
Delfined'HuartStability of personality disorders from adolescence to adulthoodKlaus SchmeckClinical ResearchUPK Basel
RaninDarkhawajaSocial capital, social contagion, healthy minds and healthy habits in the future health care work force in the occupied Palestinian territoryProf. Nicole ProbstEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
AatreyeeDasMathematical Modelling of Disease Persistence and EliminationNakul ChitnisEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
MeganDaviesTri-National Ethnographic Multi-Case Study of Quality of Life in Long-Term Residential CareMs. Franziska ZúñigaNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science
Renatede BockNeurophysiological and pharmacological aspects in the prediction and treatment of psychotic disordersChristina AndreouClinical ResearchUniversit?re Psychiatrische Kliniken Basel
NoraDenkCharacterization of the Ocular Structures of Non-human Primates assessed with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCTA) enhanced with Machine Learning (ML)Prof. Hendrik SchollClinical ResearchAugenspital
AdrianDenzMathematical Modelling of Mosquito MovementNakul ChitnisEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
Tolga DanielDittrichEndovascular Treatment versus Best Medical Treatment for Ischemic Stroke with Large Vessel Occlusion in the 6–24 Hour WindowPD Gian Marco De MarchisClinical ResearchStroke Research Center
RoryDoolanUncovering new therapies against Hookworms: a molecular to system approachDr. Tiffany BoucheryMicrobiologyMPI
JavierDopicoThe restorative potential of green spaces in noise-polluted environmentsProf. Martin RöösliEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
LuisaEggenschwilerMaternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Association with Midwifery Staffing – A Causal Inference Framework (MaNtiS)Prof. Michael SimonNursing ScienceNursing Science (INS)
FatemehEhteshamiSystem Effectiveness of Family Medicine’s Integrated Approach to Improve Non-Communicable Diseases in the COVID-19 Pandemic EraDr. Daniel CobosPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
FRANCK KOKORAEKOUThe relationship of social capital with mental health, quality of life and disease control in diabetes patients from Côte d’IvoireProf. NICOLE PROBSTEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)SWISS TPH
CanerErcanTumor Microenviroment and Liver Cell Carcinoma: New Targets for Tumor Classification and Molecular TherapiesProf. Luigi M. TerraccianoClinical ResearchInstitute of Pathology
KatrinaEversNovel Biomarkers in PerinatologyProf. Sven WellmannClinical ResearchNeonatology UKBB
LaurianeFavezThe association between staffing and quality of care in nursing homes: a sub-study of the Swiss Nursing Homes Human Resources Project 2018 (SHURP 2018)Michael SimonNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science (INS)
EmmanuelFirimaCommunity-based HIV and Chronic Disease Testing and Care in LesothoProf. Niklaus LabhardtPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Nora LeandraFritschiNovel diagnostic approaches to detect and discriminate active and latent tuberculosis in childrenPD Nicole RitzClinical ResearchMedizinische Fakultät, Departament für klinische Forschung, Universitäres Kinderspital beider Basel
DanielaFröhlichCombined staff training in de-escalation and self-protection techniques in a psychiatric clinic: Effects on involuntary treatment fixations and ward atmosphereChristian HuberClinical ResearchUniversit?re Psychiatrische Kliniken Basel
JonilaGabraniAccess and Utilization of public and private PHC among elderly people with chronic conditions in Albania research into health service provision and primary healthcare system improvementKaspar WyssPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
EcaterinaGalactionovaEstimating the impact of health systems failures in malaria service delivery in Sub-Saharan African countriesMelissa A. PennyEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
AnaïsGalliEvaluating the effects of handwashing stations and hygiene promotion in primary health care facilities in the context of humanitarian emergenciesPD Mirko WinklerEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH and Universität Basel
CorradoGarbazzaChronobiology Sleep-related Risk Factors and Light Therapy in Perinatal Depression: the 'Life-ON' ProjectChristian CajochenClinical ResearchCentre for Chronobiology - Psychiatric University Hospital (UPK) Basel
Anne-KathrinGerberSPhAERA-ISP: Specialised Paediatric PAlliativE CaRe: Assessing family and healthcare professionals' outcomes applying an Implementation Science PerspectiveNicolas von der WeidNursing ScienceInstitut für Pflegewissenschaft
DanielGerberBayesian geostatistical modelling of schistosomiasis in subsahara AfricaDr. Penelope VounatsouEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)EPH
FelixGerberImproving access to early initiation of antiretroviral therapy in persons living with HIV in resource-limited settingsProf. Niklaus LabhardtClinical ResearchSwissTPH
AmandaGislerImpact of environmental tobacco exposure and environmental vegetation on the development of asthma and allergy in early childhoodUrs FreyPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)UKBB
NoemiGlarnerImpact of cardiovascular medication on the prevention and treatment of Perioperative Myocardial Injury (PMI) in patients undergoing noncardiac surgery
Prof. Christian MüllerClinical ResearchUniversity Hospital Basel
Flor LuciaGonzalez FernandezThe intersection of HIV and Non-communicable diseases during the COVID-19 period in LesothoDr. Niklaus LabhardtPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute
OlgaGorlanovaThe role of autophagy related mechanisms in the lung development and its interaction with environment exposuresProf. Urs FreyPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)University Children Hospital Basel
BeatrizGraçaNovel insights into the sex-specific biology of Plasmodium FalciparumProf. Till VossCell BiologySwiss TPH
AlexandraGriessbachMaking clinical trials more affordable – Trial costs, budget planning, and platform trialsProf. Matthias BrielClinical ResearchCEB
DmitryGryaznovLongitudinal evaluation of the accuracy and completeness of clinical trial protocolsMatthias BrielClinical ResearchUniversity of Basel
Raphaëlle AshleyGuerbaaiImplementing an interprofessional nurse-led model of care: effects on resident outcomesMichael SimonNursing ScienceThe Institute of Nursing Science
Tim JonasHallenbergerThe role of early minimally invasive endoscopic surgery in spontaneous supratentorial intracerebral haemorrhageProf. Raphael GuzmanClinical ResearchDepartment of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Basel
Dennis AlexanderHauserMolecular mechanisms of drug action against trypanosomatid parasitesProf. Pascal MäserMicrobiologySwiss TPH
AndreaHemmigLarge vessel vasculitis in patients with Polymyalgia rheumatica - Prevalence, associated factors and long-term outcomeProf. Thomas DaikelerClinical ResearchRheumatologie
ElisaHenningsDrivers of adverse clinical outcome in patients with atrial fibrillationProf. Stefan OsswaldClinical ResearchCardiovascular Research Institute Basel (CRIB)
EvaHollensteinEvaluation of Suicide Prevention Measures in Integrated Service Delivery Models in Swiss Psychiatric SettingsMr. Kaspar WyssPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
LydiaHottenbacherIntervention strategies for urogenital schistosomiasis elimination in ZanzibarProf. Jürg UtzingerEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
Robert RaduIlesanApplication of new technologies in determining the genetic origin of growth patternsProf. Carlarberta VernaClinical ResearchUZB
Galya ClaraIseliGut microbiota – hippocampus synergisms in nonclinical subjects with high positive schizotypyPD André SchmidtClinical ResearchUniversity Psychiatric Clinics Department of Clinical Research
NandiJoubertEffect of a workplace health intervention programme on risk factors for non-communicable diseases, health behaviours and psychosocial health of teachers in disadvantaged communities of Port Elizabeth, South Africa: The KaziHealth ProjectProf. Jürg UtzingerPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
SeyramKaaliProspective Cohort Study on Early Life Household Air Pollution Exposure and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in ChildhoodProf. Martin RoosliEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Tanga Jean moiseKaborePiloting multiple first-lines artemisinin-based combination therapies as an innovative approach for managing uncomplicated malaria in the health district of Kaya, Burkina FasoProf. Christian BurriPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
SiréeKämpfenPredictive value of heart rate variability on cardiorespiratory events of preterm infants routinely immunised in the hospitalSven SchulzkeClinical ResearchNeonatology Universtity Children's Hospital Basel UKBB
AliyaKarimA Systems-Wide Analysis of the RAcE Programme: A Multi-Case Health-Systems Study of an Integrated Community Case Management Program in Five African CountriesDaniel MäusezahlEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
TanjaKarpsteinExploring new treatment options for schistosomiasis and pharmacokinetic evaluation of emodepside against soil-transmitted helminth infections in humansProf. Jennifer KeiserMicrobiologySwiss TPH
JosefinKaufmannAntithrombotic treatment in cervical artery dissection patientsProf. Stefan EngelterClinical ResearchUniversitätsspital Basel
MadeleineKirschsteinEmerging Technologies in Forensic and Correctional Mental HealthProf. Marc GrafClinical ResearchUniversität Basel
KatharinaKlatteDevelopment and assessment of evidence-based strategies towards increased feasibility and transparency of investigator-initiated clinical trials in Switzerland.Christiane Pauli-MagnusClinical ResearchDepartment of Clinical Research
FlorianKnappeEffects of an exercise and sport intervention among people living in a Greek refugee camp on cardiovascular risk markers, cognitive function, physical fitness, and mental health.Prof. Markus GerberSport ScienceDepartement für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit
AgnesKocherMANagement Of patients with Systemic Sclerosis: A mixed methods study of the chronic illness management practice patterns (MANOSS project)Dunja NiccaNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science (INS)
ChristosKokaliarisSpatio-temporal patterns and burden estimates of childhood diseases in Africa.Penelope VounatsouEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
Jan-NiklasKreppkePhysical activity and cardiovascular health in in-patients with major depressive disorders: Effects of one year lifestyle physical activity counsellingOliver FaudeSport ScienceDepartment of Sport Exercise and Health
AngelaLazarovaQuality Management of Clinical Trials Conducted in Low-Resouce SettingsChristian BurriEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
EricLichtensteinAgility training in to combat frailty in the elderlyOliver FaudeSport ScienceDepartement of Sport Exercise and Health
Yu-ShiuanLinInfluence of Caffeine Consumption on the Human Circadian System: Neurobehavioral Hormonal and Cerebral MechanismsChristian CajochenClinical ResearchMedical faculty
Vera NinaLooserInfluence of physical activity and cardiovascular fitness on the association of chronic stress and neurocognitive correlates of memoryProf. Markus GerberSport ScienceDepartment of Sport, Exercise, and Health (DSBG), University of Basel
TheopistaLottoEvaluation of the antimicrobial pressure among children in TanzaniaProf. Christian LengelerEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
GiorgiaLüthi-CorridoriFactors associated with Length of hospital stayProf. Jörg Daniel LeuppiPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)University Basel
ValerieMarchWithin-host evolution of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosisProf. Sebastien GagneuxCell BiologySwiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
AlexisMartinImpact of climate change on the spread of malariaPD Penelope VounatsouEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
CaroleMarxerBuild-up of a validated linked cohort of mothers and infants using Swiss claims data and following determination of adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes in SwitzerlandChristoph MeierEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Department Pharmaceutical Sciences
NiklausMeierCost-Effectiveness and Health Valuation Studies for the Swiss Health Care SystemProf. Thomas SzucsPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine
StephanieMeierTowards Development of Neurofilament Light Chain as Precision Medicine Biomarker for Multiple SclerosisProf. Jens KuhleClinical ResearchDBM
FlurinaMeier SchwarzerHealth care utilization and loneliness of communitydwelling elderly personsProf. Nicole Probst-HenschPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Department Epidemiology and Public Health, SwissTPH
Maria JoseMendieta JaraEvaluation of the implementation of an integrated nurse-led model of care for community-based senior citizens in Canton Basel-LandschaftProf. Sabina De GeestNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science
JulianeMielkeContextual analysis in implementation science (CONSENS): Development of a framework and application in transplantation intervention researchSabina M. De GeestNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science
AliceMinghettiGenerations on the Move: intergenerational exercise and health promotionLukas ZahnerSport ScienceDepartement für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit
Stefan JohannesMittererSpecialised Paediatric PAlliativE CaRe: Assessing Economic and health system outcomes in a multi-site context of various care settings (SPhAERA-E)Michael SimonNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science
NathalieMöckliThe relationship of the work environment with personnel and client outcomes in Swiss home care agenciesFranziska Z??igaNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science
SophieMonneratEffects of the SGLT2 inhibitor empagliflozin in patients with euvolemic and hypervolemic hyponatremiaProf. Mirjam Christ-CrainClinical ResearchUniversitätspital Basel
Abdifatah MukarMuhummedImproving water quality, sanitation, hygiene and reduction of diarrheal among children in Adadle district, Somali region, Eastern Ethiopia.Prof. Jakob ZinsstagEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute
AnnetteNageleisen-WeissPeter WeberClinical ResearchUniversitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel UKBB
Ipyn EricNebieClinical trials improvement: Lessons learned from poverty related diseases drugs developmentProf. Christian BurriPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
GillesNèveAging, physical activity and vascular properties in healthy individuals and patients with heart failureProf. Arno Schmidt-TrucksässSport ScienceDepartement für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit
Kieu Anh ThiNguyenExpanding indications for endovascular therapy in strokeProf. Marios-Nikos PsychogiosClinical ResearchDepartment of Neuroradiology
FrancisNuveyEffectiveness of veterinary service interventions in improving food security, productivity and health of livestock dependent populations in GhanaProf. Jakob ZinsstagPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
ReginaOakleyMigration health and zoonosesProf. Daniel ParisPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
KatrinaObasShould mental health services be included in primary care services for people with hypertension in Kosovo ? A Cohort StudyNicole Probst-HenschPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
DorisOsei AfriyiePublic Health Insurance and FinancingGünther FinkPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)University of Basel
BabatundeOwolodunFoodways in West Africa; Time Trends and Diversity of Food Consumption Pattern in SenegalPD Sonja MertenPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
LitaPalomares EstradaPromoting healthy nutrition and physical activity in Peruvian children - Development and validation of an intervention programDr. Julia DratvaPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH / Institute of Health Sciences at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
Carla AmbroginaPedrazzaniPatient-provider and patient-family communication in hereditary cancersMaria C. KatapodiNursing ScienceINS - Faculty of Medicine
MilicaPopovicThe Role of Interleukin-1 in the Pathophysiology of Polycystic Ovary SyndromeMirjam Christ-CrainClinical ResearchUniversity Hospital Basel
NivedithaPutananickalMigraine treatment with exogenous ketone bodies- a randomised placebo-controlled double-blind cross-over studyDirk FischerClinical ResearchUKBB
JanetteRibautImproving medication adherence in patients undergoing allogeneic stem cell transplantation as part of the SMILe project (Development, Implementation and Testing of an Integrated Model of Care in Allogeneic Hematopoietic SteM Cell TransplantatIon faciLitated by eHealth)Prof. Sabina De GeestNursing ScienceNursing Science
Venus MarieRojasNAProf. Sebastien GagneuxMicrobiologySwiss TPH
IslamSalikhanovCost-effectiveness of palliative care for patients and their caregivers in resource-limited settings of the Republic of Kazakhstan:Dr. Maria KatapodiClinical ResearchUniversity of Basel
MaheshSarkiInequities, barriers and facilitators of access to cancer care services among cancer patients and their at-risk relativesProf. Maria KatapodiClinical ResearchDepartment of Clinical Research, University of Basel
RenionSayeApplication and evaluation of rapid diagnostic tests for the detection of pathogens giving rise to persistent digestive disorders in MaliJürg UtzingerEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Institut National de Recherche en Sante Publique
SarahSchmidigerHuman in vitro granulomas to dissect tuberculosis protective immune traits and assess drug candidates for tailored adjunct host-directed therapyDr. Damien PortevinCell BiologySwiss Tropical and Public Health Institute; University of Basel
RaphaelSchochEffects of a high-intensity interval training on cardiovascular capacity in heart failure with preserved ejection fractionProf. Arno Schmidt-TrucksässSport ScienceDSBG
IsabelSchöllhornControlling melanopic irradiance in evening display light: Influence on sleep, circadian physiology and cognitive performance without affecting visual appearanceProf. Christian CajochenClinical ResearchUPK Basel/Centre for Chronobiology
FabianSchwendingerPhysical activity patterns in healthy individuals and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemicProf. Arno Schmidt-TrucksässSport ScienceDepartment of Sport, Exercise and Health
NarayanSharmaInvestigation of safety tipping points in Swiss hospitals using routine dataMichael SimonNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science
ShreyaShrikhandeThe Effects of Climate Change on Cardiovascular Disease in India and South AfricaProf. Gueladio CisseEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
FlakaSiqecaTitle: Assessing the needs and views of the older population living in Basel- Landschaft: the Basel-Landschaft Older Population Surveys as a component of the INSPIRE projectProf. Sabina De GeestNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science
AriannaSnijdersAn economic evaluation of strategies for sleeping sickness elimination in the DRCMr. Fabrizio TediosiPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
VivianeSprecherExploring the clinical potential of novel treatment options against neglected tropical helminthiasesProf. Jennifer KeiserEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
ThomasStojanovSurgical safety and effectiveness in orthopaedics: Swiss-wide multicentre evaluation and prediction of core outcomes in Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff RepairProf. Heiner BucherClinical ResearchUniversitätsspital Basel
IsabelleStraumannPharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and psychological effects of classic hallucinogens and entactogens in healthy subjectsProf. Matthias LiechtiClinical ResearchClinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
AlaTaji HeraviMeta-Research to Improve the Planning and Reporting of randomized clinical trialsPD Matthias BrielClinical Researchclinical research department
LouiseTangermannThe effects of transportation noise on cognitive functions behavior and health related quality of life in adolescentsMartin RöösliEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
KassimuTaniAssessing governance of social health protection strategies and polices on chronic diseases conditions in TanzaniaPD Fabrizio TediosiPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
MaryamTavakkoli TabalvandaniThe burden of road and transport injuries: A comparative global health policy analysis to develop national strategic frameworks for road safetyDaniel CobosPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
Sumaiyya GulamrazaThawerAssessing the validity of using routine data for developing high resolution malaria risk maps and for assessing the effectiveness of malaria vector control interventionsProf. Christian LengelerEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
HanhTranMitigating the re-emergence of rickettsial and other rodent-borne zoonoses in Vietnam: a call for One HealthEsther SchellingEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Swiss TPH
Luis Gerardo OdilioVelez NandayapaChristoph R. MeierEpidemiology (Faculty of Science)Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Basel
NicoleVogelPatient's perspective on functioning after total knee arthroplasty: Analyses of patient reported outcome measures.Prof. Markus ArnoldClinical ResearchFaculty of Medicine, University of Basel
RonjaWieboldtJakob PasswegClinical ResearchUniversity Hospital of Basel
HaymanWinDeterminants of Child Undernutrition among the Urban Poor: Evidence from BangladeshProf. Guenther FinkPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss TPH
OliviaYipImplementation and evaluation of INSPIRE: an integrated community-based program for senior citizens in Canton Basel-LandschaftSabina M. De GeestNursing ScienceInstitute of Nursing Science
KyawZay YaIdentifying the most effective and cost-effective strategies to prevent antimicrobial resistance in low and middle-income countriesProf. Guenther FinkPublic Health/Epidemiology incl Insurance Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
First NameLast NameTitle of PhD thesisSupervisor NameDisciplineInstitute