Career Talks

PPHS Career Talks


Orientation for your (future) career can be overwhelming. What jobs do exist? What are my chances? Where do you start?

PPHS invites alumni in- and outside academia to give an insight into their own career paths.

  • How did they end up in that position after their PhD?
  • What were the reasons to decide to follow that specific career path?

They will talk about their work responsibilities, explain their everyday tasks, and depict the advantages and disadvantages of their work. Furthermore, they will explain how they transitioned from their PhD into the job and how they planned their career.


Each semester, 3 speakers are invited to talk about their careers. We invite PPHS alumni and PPHS supervisors. The presenters will give you an insight into their career path and answer your questions.


The event is open to all PPHS members as well as other PhD students in the Health Sciences of the University of Basel, and SSPH+ IGC members.

Speakers Career Talks November 2021

Belinda von Niederhäusern, PhD – Senior Patient Partnership Manager at Roche Pharma

Belinda holds a PhD in Clinical Research where she graduated summa cum laude (University of Basel). She also holds an MSc in International Health Policy & Economics (London School of Economics) and an MSc in Biochemistry (ETH Zurich and Harvard University). After her postdoc at the University Hospital Basel, she is now continuing to serve the patient community. In her current position as Senior Patient Partnership Manager, Rare Diseases, at Roche Pharma AG, she is the driver for the patient-centric brand strategy for Germany and acts as a primary point of contact for the patient community.

Apolline Saucy, PhD – postdoctoral researcher at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health

Apolline Saucy is an environmental epidemiologist with a PhD in Epidemiology from Swiss TPH and the University of Basel. In April 2021, she joined the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (Barcelona, Spain) as a postdoctoral researcher, where she currently investigates the impact of the urban exposome on health and health behaviours across Europe, as part of the EXPANSE project. The focus of her studies has been on the cardiovascular impacts of environmental factors such as transportation noise, air pollution and heat. During her doctoral training, she engaged in various teaching activities and acted as editor-in-chief of the IJPH Young Researcher Editorials. Conducting observational epidemiological research and harmonizing various sources of environmental, geographical, and patient data are essential parts of her past and current research activities.

Prof. Martin Röösli, PhD – Head of Unit “Environmental Exposures and Health”, Swiss TPH

Date & Time

11 November 2021 (17:00-19:00 CET)




Please register before 4 November 2021

Speakers (Career Talks 10 June 2021)

Dr. Clara Sailer, MD, PhD – postdoctoral researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital.
Dr. Clara O. Sailer, MD, PhD, holds master’s degrees in Human Medicine from the University of Basel and Clinical Research from Dresden International University. After defending her MD-PhD thesis “Primary polydipsia in the medical and psychiatric patient” in 2020, she was awarded the prestigious SNSF grant “Early Postdoc.Mobility” and moved to Boston (USA). She is currently pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship position in Dr. Lawson’s Neuroendocrine research group at Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, USA). Her primary research interest is the interplay of endocrine and behavioral factors which she is currently exploring in eating disorders and patients with central diabetes insipidus. During her MD-PhD studies, Clara received various awards and fellowships, i.e., PPHS stipend award and SAMW Young Talents in Clinical Research Beginner and Project Grant. She was also very active in addition to her studies, taking on institutional responsibilities (e.g., PPHS student representative), organizing the monthly Journal Club Methods, teaching, and supervising students. She was also vice president of the Swiss MD-PhD Association (SMPA) and a member of various scientific societies and active as a journal reviewer.

Kimberly Mc Cord, PhD – Data Scientist at Boston Children’s Hospital
Kimberly Mc Cord is a clinical researcher with a PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Basel. The focus of her studies has been on the use of routinely collected data (RCD) in clinical research, including registry RCTs. She has collaborated in the CONSORT extension for trials using cohorts and routinely collected data and published several meta-epidemiological analyses on the application of RCD in trials. Kimberly is a Data Science Research Fellow at the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Renato Mattli, PhD – Head of the Center for HTA and Health Economic Evaluations at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
Renato Mattli is currently Head of the Center for HTA and Health Economic Evaluations at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). He conducted his PhD in public health and epidemiology at the University of Basel. Renato holds a master’s degree in human movement sciences from the ETH Zurich and one in business administration. His interdisciplinary work experience includes direct interaction with patients as a biomechanist in the outpatient setting; clinical research, market access and health economics at the international level in the medical device industry and close to 10 years of research, consulting and teaching experience at the Winterthur Institute of Health Economics at ZHAW.