Events in the Health Sciences

Events in the Health Sciences

This page lists external (from PPHS) events, related to health sciences, career development or networking for PhD students.

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25-01-2024 to 27-06-2024

"Mit dieser Seminarreihe wollen wir Sie über neue Entwicklungen und aktuelle Themen in der klinischen Forschung auf dem Laufenden halten. Wir erläutern Änderungen aktueller Gesetze, besprechen neue nationale oder internationale

14-03-2024 to 04-12-2024
Basel (CH) and online

Avuba offers various events and activities for PhD students (and postdocs) of the University of Basel. The informative events also offer great networking oppertunities.

21-06-2024 to 22-06-2024
Bubendorf, Baselland (CH)

Neurosciences beyond synapses: connecting minds, advancing knowledge.

25-06-2024 to 25-06-2024
Vienna (AT)

"The focus will be on ethical futures in neuroAI. Whether you're an active neuroscience researcher with a penchant for ethical inquiry or simply have a desire to ensure that neuroscience

03-07-2024 to 05-07-2024
Antwerp (Belgium)

"Join us in Antwerp for a sociological dialogue on intersectionality and inclusion in health We are delighted to extend a warm and hearty welcome to each of you as we

03-07-2024 to 03-07-2024
Bern (CH)

"Since 1996, the Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR) has held a Day of BioMedical Research. The annualDay of BioMedical Research has established itself as a forum for researchers to present

09-07-2024 to 12-07-2024
Zurich (CH)

"There are lectures and workshops given by national and international rare disease experts on drug development, next generation sequencing, model organisms, how to choose clinical endpoints, regulatory aspects, patient registries,

15-07-2024 to 17-07-2024
Gran Canaria, Spain

"The IWBBIO 2024 (11th International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering) seeks to continue the good synergy obtained in the previous edition, providing a discussion forum for scientists, engineers, educators

03-09-2024 to 04-09-2024
Fribourg (CH)

"Strengthening the Culture of Public Health Surveillance Cancer, environmental risks, inequalities in health status and access to health care, as well as emerging infectious diseases, highlight the need to strengthen

16-09-2024 to 17-09-2024
Berlin (Germany)

"Das D|A|CH Symposium für klinische Prüfungen ist ein Dreiländerkongress, der sich mit aktuellen Aspekten der Studiendurchführung am Prüfzentrum beschäftigt und sich an alle involvierten Berufsgruppen richtet."

19-09-2024 to 19-09-2024
Neuchâtel (CH)

The Swiss Health Survey: From Monitoring to Research

20-09-2024 to 23-09-2024
Cape Town (South-Africa)

"The Congress foresees four days of an outstanding, exceptional and forward-thinking agenda, which includes parallel tracks addressing one health science, antimicrobial agents and resistance, and science policy interface, amongst others.

13-10-2024 to 15-10-2024
Berlin (DE) and online

"Central Topics Investing in Women's Health: Driving Global Development Reflecting on the Year of Antimicrobial Resistance: A Holistic View of What Needs to Happen Now to Drive Progress Redefining Global

21-10-2024 to 22-10-2024
Tokyo (JP)

"Empowering Women's Health: Advances, Challenges, and Innovations in Gynecology & Obstetrics"

24-10-2024 to 24-10-2024
Bern (CH)

"The conference will kick off with a welcome presentation by Professor C. Bassetti, Dean of the Medical Faculty at the University of Bern, setting the stage for a day filled

31-10-2024 to 31-10-2024
Bern (CH)

"Event highlights: Explore the innovative tools and frameworks developed by SPHN and its partners Learn more about the integration of cutting-edge ETH technologies into clinical practice Contribute to discussions shaping

07-11-2024 to 08-11-2024

"Implementation science promotes the tangible integration of research findings and evidence-based interventions into policy and practice. Implementation science plays a crucial role in many fields including health, social care and

12-11-2024 to 15-11-2024
Lisbon (PT)

Sailing the waves of European public health: exploring a sea of innovation

14-11-2024 to 16-11-2024
Porto (PT)

"Real World Evidence for the Real World"

18-11-2024 to 22-11-2024
Nagasaki (Japan)

"Building Just & Sustainable Health Systems: Centering People and Protecting the Planet SUB-THEME 1: Strengthening Health Systems for Planetary Health // SUB THEME 2: Advancing justice, inclusion, and belonging in

22-11-2024 to 22-11-2024
Bern (CH) and online

"Mark your calendars for an exciting event taking place on 22 November 2024 in Bern and accessible online. This hybrid event promises to offer something for everyone, whether you're joining

27-03-2025 to 27-03-2025
Basel (CH)