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PhD Guide

Before, during, and at the end of your PhD you might have many questions. The goal of this page is to help you find answers and to provide links with useful information. The page is ordered in three stages around the PhD timeline: start, during and, finish.

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Academic writing is an essential skill during the PhD studies. Right at the beginning of your PhD, it starts by writing the obligatory PhD proposal. In the following years, you will need to write your papers and finally your PhD thesis.

We encourage students to start writing as early as possible and to help you in the process, we created a whole page on Academic Writing.

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A good starting point to find relevant information is the page Doctoral Candidates by the University of Basel.

Relevant information

What does your faculty expect from you?

Information guides 

  • “Getting your Thesis off to a Good Start – Guide for Doctoral Students”

English / German

  • “Shaping a Doctorate Together – Guidelines for Doctoral Candidates”

English / German

  • Tips & tricks for a successful doctorate (avuba)

Link to the slides

For your supervisor


Relevant information

What does your faculty expect from you?

Relevant websites 

Advisory Service of the University of Basel (career focused)

Advice & Contacts of the University of Basel (general)

List of Advisory Services by GRACE

Avuba: events, free legal advice, funding for projects, job portals

GRACE: Graduate Center of the University of Basel

University Library

Research data management

Support from the Research Data Management Network (planning, organizing, storing, preserving, sharing, publishing, etc.)

Free research data management cheat sheets

Digital Tools

Edutools from the University of Basel offers IT (information) for teaching and studies

Project Neptun offers hardware (laptops) and software (e.g. anti-virus) at reduced prices (twice a year) for university students.

Software offers, e.g. EndNote, Matlab, SPSS, Microsoft Office. The website is in German – if you need help, please ask a fellow student.

Family services

The page “family services” of the University of Basel offers a lot of information regarding parenting during your PhD (or academic career in general). For information and advice, you can reach out directly to Patrica Zweifel, deputy head of Diversity.

The “information brochure on parenthood and university” is intended for all employed parents (to-be) and supervisors and sets out important information.

If you’d like to get in touch with other PPHS parents, please write us a message.


Doc.Mobility@unibas grants are aimed at doctoral students who wish to improve their scientific profile at a research institute abroad. Submission deadlines: 1 March and 1 September.

Psychological support



Courses on teaching are offered by GRACE (in English) and the University of Basel (in German and English).


Graduation – Administration

What does your faculty expect from you?

PPHS Certificate

To get a certificate of PPHS you have to send your Learning agreement (Faculty of Medicine) or the filled-in Appendix 2I from the Swiss TPH Student Handbook (Faculty of Science) as pdf to pphs@unibas.ch.


Information on archiving your dissertation at the University Library. Contact and questions: diss-ub@unibas.ch


PhD defenses are open events. You can see an overview of upcoming defenses at the Faculty of Medicine on this page.

Information for after the PhD

On the PPHS Career page, you can find information about career workshops, career talks, and other useful links.

“Beyond the Doctorate – Guide for Advanced Doctoral and Postdoctoral Students”

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