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You can recommend the course “How to be a good supervisor” to your PhD supervisor.

Essentials in Health Research Methodology

Category: Methods

Time period:

Lecture(s): {Lecture(s):27}
ECTS: 1-2

A profound understanding of research methodology is a key requisite for conducting scientific research and for the critical assessment of research results. As in any field of science, the methods applied in Health Research evolve continuously and rapidly. This course provides the participating students with a basic overview of the state-of-the-art research methods commonly used in Health Sciences, hereby facilitating their understanding of research methodology as a whole. Through four overall topics, the students are introduced to different experts from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Basel. Consequently, the course provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration and networking within the field of Health Research in Basel.

The course covers 4 modules:
- Health Economics, Public Health and Public Health Policy
- Qualitative Research, Questionnaires and Surveys
- Observational Studies and Analyzes of Observational Datasets
- Randomized Controlled Trials

Each module will be covered by face-to-face teaching (1 day in total) in combination with pre-reading and home assignments. The course serves to provide an introduction to the different topics and will cover basics only. Choose single modules, or book all 4.