Writing a Research Paper in 12 weeks or less

Writing a research paper in 12 weeks or less

Guidance and peer support for intensive writing


Writing a scientific article is a systematic process that can be learned and improved with guidance and training. The course provides hands on training, applicable for quantitative scientific papers.

Participants are expected to bring the analyses of their own data. They will receive guidance on how to develop each manuscript section (e.g., Methods, Results, etc.), and how to avoid or correct common mistakes and pitfall of scientific writing. Students also get hands on training in the peer review process.

The course meets mostly every two weeks (according to schedule) and is composed by seven structured meetings, including peer feedback and editing suggestions. Participants are expected to complete their writing assignments on their own and submit their work for peer-review ahead of time.

Learning Goals

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will have

  • completed an almost final draft of a manuscript to be submitted for publication
  • learned a systematic process for writing a scientific article


Prof. Dr. Maria C. Katapodi, Professor, Department of Clinical Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Basel
Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Michigan School of Nursing


  • PhD students who are novice writers of scientific papers and prepare their PhD publication(s)
  • PhD students are eligible if they have completed analyses of quantitative data and are preparing a manuscript

Maximum number of participants: 8

University of Basel PhD students from all disciplines of health sciences, e.g. Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Research, Epidemiology, Public Health, Medicine, Nursing Science, Pharmacology, Infection Biology and others. PPHS members are preferred. SSPH+ students can be accepted (maximum of 2 if the course is full).

Workload and ECTS

~120 participant working hours distributed over 12-14 weeks, 4 ECTS

Learning contract required


PhD Discipline(Required)

PhD program(Required)

Minimal Standards

This course is a “Transferable Skills” course in the domain ‘Knowledge & Scientific Competences’.


Autumn Semester 2021, every 2 weeks
Thursday, 1:30 – 4:30pm

16 September: on site
30 September: online
14 October: online
28 October: online
11 November: on site, 2-5pm!
25 November: online
2 December: online
16 December: on site

13 January: Final day for paper submission


Online and on site:
Basel, Missionsstrasse 64a, Seminarraum 00.008 (16.9 & 16.12.) and Seminarraum 00.011 (11.11.)

For dates on site, the current Covid19 regulations of the University of Basel have to be adhered to.