Academic writing

Academic Writing in the Health Sciences

Course description
Communicating research results in international peer-review journals is a critical aspect of scientific education and work. Preparing manuscripts for publication is a key skill acquired during PhD training. Concise writing and careful journal consideration greatly increase the chance of successful academic publishing. This workshop provides background information and training on academic writing in the Health Sciences. Basic and advanced knowledge and skills that are critical for successfully and concisely presenting and disseminating research in international peer-reviewed scientific journals will be discussed and feedback on current manuscripts will be provided.

  • Developing a working routine
  • Steps towards successful international publishing
  • How to choose a target journal
  • Principles of effective writing in English
  • Writing a scientific manuscript
  • Referencing, Data presentation in figures and tables
  • Submitting a scientific manuscript
  • Peer-review process

Learning objectives
At the end of this workshop participants will understand critical issues of academic manuscript preparation. They will learn concise scientific writing skills and be familiar with important resources for successful scientific publishing. Participants will prepare a scientific abstract on their research.


Prof. Dr. Annegret Mündermann. Head Functional Biomechanics Group, Department of Orthopaedics, University Hospital Basel.


University of Basel PhD students of the Faculty of Medicine and of Swiss TPH.

1st semester PhD students are recommended to take the course “Writing a PhD thesis proposal in Health Sciences

Group size

  • Phase I: maximum 20 participants
  • Phase II: maximum 12 participants

Workload & credits

Participants are required to attend all lectures. Participants will prepare a scientific abstract of their research.

  • Phase I: 9 h lecture, 21 h homework (1 ECTS)
  • Phase II: 9 h lecture, 90 h homework (3 ECTS)


The registration for Phase I started on 1. Augustus 2023 via services.unibas.ch

Minimal Standards

This is a course from the domain ‘Knowledge and Scientific’. The main competence is scientific writing.


Phase I (fall 2023)
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Phase II (spring 2024)